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Beanie Babies Needed at the Crete Elementary

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Each year, kindergarten students at Crete Elementary celebrate earning a Beanie Baby when reaching lesson 91 in the reading program. At this point in the program, students read from their very first storybook. Students get to choose their reading buddy to take home and read with. A trip to the office to celebrate their accomplishment, along with a picture taken with their reading buddy and many high fives, help celebrate their success. Students work very hard and are proud of themselves! A tradition that began the year Crete adopted Reading Mastery as its reading curriculum, students over the past 7 years have received a reading buddy. With the support of the community, many Beanie Babies have been donated so the tradition can continue on. We are at a point that more Beanie Babies are needed. If you would like to donate any Beanie Babies, please stop by the elementary office. Thank you in advance for your continued support.