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    2nd Grade Learns About Fire Safety

    October 3rd-7th was Fire Safety Week and Crete Elementary 2nd graders spent the week learning all about fire safety. To finish the week, on Friday, all of the 2nd grade classes went to the Crete Fire Station and the Crete Police Department to practice what they had learned.

    At the fire station, students were able to practice crawling low under smoke (a black sheet) and how to Stop, Drop, and Roll. All students were able to sit and look inside both a fire truck and an ambulance. The police officers talked about what to do if you have an emergency and showed the students a patrol car. Our police officers and volunteer fire fighters made the day very special and everyone had a great time while learning about what these important people do for our community.

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    Native Spanish Speakers Learn About the Roots of Their Language

    Native Speakers 1 students dressed as the different cultures that contributed to the Spanish language throughout history.


    It was a multidisciplinary activity where they learned different aspects of these cultures and then, as a final project, they presented a short play.

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    Science News at CHS

    Room 122 at Crete High School has been busy this week with Biopsies and Autopsies.

    Mrs. Draeger’s Anatomy students have been studying histology and this week they performed a liver biopsy.  The test was performed on a cow liver, in which the tissues are prepared by the students  for microscopic viewing.  Students made prepared slides by  fixating, slicing, mounting and staining the tissue sample onto a slide so that they could serve as a “pathologist” to review the slides and make a diagnosis. Students then compared their prepared slides to actual slides from a pathology lab that contained some samples that are positive for cancer.

    Mrs. Draeger’s Forensic Science students have been busy as well.  They have been studying the mechanisms of death and the decay and decomposition process. This week the students have been performing autopsies on pigs. They are writing out a completely autopsy report and determining the mechanism of death.

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    I've Got a Story to Tell...

    Check Out Dr. Waters October Update

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3rd Grade Students Take Historical Field Trip

The 3rd graders took a historical field trip to The Benne Memorial Museum, Star School and the Bickle House. Mr. Shestak gave a tour of the . . .

Oct 13, 2016

Fun Math Facts in 1st Grade

Nicole Grummert


Oct 18, 2016

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Poetry Reading

Last year, Ms. Owens'  and Mrs. Wissenburg's classes entered a poetry contest. Most of the students' had a poem selected to . . .

Oct 8, 2016

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Head Start Preschool Program

Blue Valley Community Action's HEADSTART PRESCHOOL PROGRAM is now offering Open Enrollment!! We offer Early Head Start for Children 0-3yrs . . .

Oct 19, 2016

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