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Bus Transportation Information & Forms

The Crete Board of Education has established the transportation fee schedule for the 2018-2019 school year.  Effective in 1998, all families living within four miles of school including those within the city limits will pay a fee if they use transportation services.  Outlined below is the fee schedule, pick-up locations for children living in the city limits, and a form for you to complete if you plan to use transportation services.  If multiple families live in a household, each separate family must complete a form and pay for transportation.   Payment or purchase of tokens must be made prior to use of bus transportationPayment can be made in any school office or on this website.  Click on the Parent tab and then Transportation.

Please note - THERE will not be a reduced price for riding only A.M., only P.M.  or less than 5 days a week.

The transportation fee schedule is as follows: 

Quarterly:  Payment due on – August 13, October 17, January 7, March 13       

               $90/quarter/one student in family=$360/year                                                

               $135/quarter/two students in one family=$540/year                                                     

               $180/quarter/three students or more in one family=$720/year                                     


Semester:  Payment due on – August 13, January 7

               $160/semester/one student in family=$320/year

               $240/semester/two students in family=$480/year

               $320/semester/three students or more in family=$640/year


Year:    Payment due on – August 13                                                          Option Students: Payment due on – August 13

               $300/year/one student in family                                                       $500/year-one student

               $450/year/two students in family                                                      $650/year-two students

               $600/year/three students or more in family                                      $800/year-three students



For those who ride occasionally, the charge is $2.00 per ride ($4.00 per day).   Tokens may be purchased in $20.00 packets.  A student will pay one token one-way to or from school (2 tokens per day).



Students inside the city limits will be picked up at the following locations.  Times for pick-up and drop-off will be determined after we know who plans to ride the bus. 

In Town Stops – Stops may need to be adjusted or added at a later date.

Iris & Fairchild

1st & Juniper

9th & Pine

18th & Boswell

18th & Norman

Elementary School

Iris & Arthur

2nd & Hawthorne

11th & Hawthorne

20th & Boswell

20th & Norman


4th & Westridge

3rd & Linden

12th & Norman

24th & Forest

23rd & Norman


5th & Boswell

5th & Ivy

11th & Unona

24th & Hawthorne

19th & Kingwood


7th & Forest

5th & Norman

14th & Juniper

23rd & Ivy

Heather & Dawn Dr


1st & Grove

6th & Kingwood

16th & Boswell

20th & Main

Michelle & Westwood Dr



All students living outside of the city limits but within 4 miles will be picked up at the same location as last year.  Please call Michelle at 402-826-7887 to register.

If you have any questions, please call 826-7887 or 826-5855.


Click on the link below to download Bus Transportation forms in English and Spanish. 

2018-19 Bus Transportation Form-English

2018-19 Bus Transportation Form-Spanish