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Sales of Snacks Benefit TeamMates

How Can M & M?s and Skittles Help TeamMates?  

Through a program called Munch for Mentoring, community members can now support the TeamMates mentoring program by purchasing candy at TeamMates vending machines.  The machines are 4 feet tall and take up 18 inches of floor space so their small size fits into almost any corporate setting.  The machines offer up to eight candy selections yet they require no electricity.  Osborne Family Enterprises services the machines, making the machines maintenance free.  Proceeds from the vending machines will be used to fund activities of the local Crete chapter of TeamMates, including scholarship programs and whole group functions.  If you are interested in having a vending machine placed in your place of business, please contact Zoe White at 402.826.7775 or by email @ zoew@creteschools.org